Christmas Eve

So, how did you celebrated your Christmas Eve? =D As for me and my family, we had bbq steamboat. I borrowed the tool from Jimmy. (Told you he's a nice guy!) Mum bought all the foods. Baby boy was here with us too. He brought over some food and drinks.

I came home early that day. Off work at 6.30pm. Reached home and showered. Then waited for baby boy to come over and we readied the foods. Mum came home only after 7pm. Then we started cooking!
This was before the party started. Water was boiling inside dy. Mum bought lotsa food you see! Hehe =D

Three of us ate til so full. My bro was the one busy doing the bbq and throwing veges into the pot. Wonder why he loves cooking so much. Hmm...
And this was after the steamboat. We were so bloated. There's still prawns, noodles and some lean meats leftover.

Then, we helped the clean-ups. Baby boy was asking where is his pressie. Hehe =D So cute lah him! Muacks muacks you!
See how happy he was when he got it in his hand? Hahaha!
Now guess what I got him?










TADAH! The best gift I can always give!
Happy indeed! Hehehe =D



ahlost said…
It looks like too big for him wor :D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha! but it's already size S ler. hehe =D no lah. fits him just well. I'm good at choosing clothes for guys =P

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