Random thoughts

Hmm...Now and always and again...

What's life?

Haha! Well, I'll be just bitching about that somebody yeah. So if you wana read on. Read on. And if you don't feel like reading anything about da' bitch. Then leave ok. Thank you.

Oh well, why some people change so much in their life and some still can maintain the VERY SAME after so many fucking years? Hmm...From the very first time I saw da bitch, IT has always been the same til now eh.

Same attitude, same style, same rubbish, same nonsense. What else? OH! Same way of thinking. Hmm...old man. Haha!

Eh! Everyone has their own lifestyle. Own way of living. Own way of doing things. Own way of pampering themselves. So why do you bother so much? You wana make yourself stress more? Oh sure! Then I'll be very much welcoming you over to my workplace so that I can treat your hair loss. Haha!

Let's imagine ooo. If you stress yourself up. Hmm..You'll loose hair. Then I can be nice to you and welcome you there oh~ How nice to be able to swipe your credit cards. Oh! You don't have one? Debit card can do too! Oh oh! Even better if cash. Haha! Since you're so rich what!

I know I know. I *eat full nothing do* (chiak pa bo su cho). Wana bitch about some people now. Haha! Whoever da' bitch is. If you think you are then you are. If you think you're not then you're not. Easy. No fuss~

Babited! Who are you to judge me? Who are you to ask me what to do? Who are you to demand me to do that certain thing? Crazy!

I do what I want. There's no need for you to stress over me. It's not that I'm not doing my part. I have my own part and so do you. You do your own section ok. Don't be such a busybody!

Who are you to ask me to work on weekends? I know overtime can be claimed but STILL! It's my day of rest. It's my family time. Not for you fucking idiots! You are just a level higher than I do. That's only at your territory. Not elsewhere!

Hah! Enough? I guess not. Everyone has their own problem. *Jia jia you pen nan nian de jing* Enough of drama for you? Shut up and close down this window!


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