Unenjoyable Shopping


I don't know what happened to me today lor. When I woke up, things are still ok. Right til I got out from my house. Things start to go wrong when I got hungry cos didn't take my breakfast. Only drank a cup of Milo.

When I go to bank, my tummy isn't feeling any good already. Felt like wanna vomit. Ueck! Then I bought a doughnut from Southern bakery. Couldn't finish it though. Was kinda forcing myself to swallow it. Sigh...

When reach Crown Square, felt even worse. Was kinda dizzy due to lack of oxygen down at the basement carpark. Then the lift so humid somemore. Gosh! I nearly fainted. *pengz*

When got into the mall, a little better lah. Then head over to Causeway Bay for lunch. Look at the food also don't know what to order. Felt so ueck wanna eat something. So just simply order. But after lunch a bit better lor. Then walked around Crown. Can't seem to find things that I want.

Then mum said to go Tun Jugah and Sarawak Plaza worh. Ok lor. Darling always like to park in basement carpark, which I don't know why. And again, when I got out from the car, felt dizzy again. OMG! What is happening to me?

For the whole time when I was at TJ and Swak Plaza, I wasn't at my best. Still feel like wana vomit, then feet kinda tired, and somemore dizzy seeing so many colours. Could be the weather also lah. Don't know lah. Sigh...

Then after that, no mood liaw lor. Darling went home. Left me shopping with mum at Parkson and Jenny. Only when at Jenny that I get to rest myself and bought something. Without hesitation, I bought myself a pair of black stocking with diamond patterns on it. Costed me RM15 but ah! Who cares! Just to satisfy my shopping day.

Well, I guess today just isn't my day. Went to wrong places. Went with wrong person. SIGH!!!

So fuckup!


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