Farewell to Jerome~

Today is a Sunday well spent~! I woke up around 10am (I know I know it's late. But it's a Sunday! Haha!) Woke up then had my breakfast while watching Tom and Jerry. Hehe =D Then I watched dvd. Borrowed quite a few dvds from Greg the other day. I watched Honey this morn. It's superb! Oh how I love their dancing moves!!! Made me think back of my days at EarthDance. Awww~~~

Then after movie, I came online. Checked my mail and chatted with baby and Galvin and Kelly. I was suddenly in the mood to go out for drinks since all of us were bored and saying the sien word to each other. Hahaz!

Then Galvin was telling me that he can go for drinks but by 5pm he needs to go to airport to send a friend off. And so I kepo-ly asked him who is that friend. SURPRISINGLY!!! It's Jerome! I was so OMG!!! He has been back for SOOOOO long and yet I haven't meet him til today that he's leaving to Perth! I'm so mean!

So without much hesitation, I went to shower and rushed to airport! Hahaha! It was only 4pm when I reached airport. Went to pick baby and bro tagged along too. Kelly ffk me ler~ Haha!

Then at airport, we went to this place to have MY lunch! Heee~
Now where is this place???
At McD larh! Hehe =D First time I went to try out McD at airport. So sakai hor!
Teehee~ We aimed to take more pictures of us this year. Cos when we looked back our photo album, we were like, why so few pics? So the kns! So now everywhere we go, we must take pic! Muahz~!
My bro with his McChicken.
Me and my all-time favourite DOUBLE CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE BURGER~!~!~!~!~!
Baby also had McChicken since he can't eat beef =)
Our yummy fries~~
Each of us had one? No no no!!! I had 2 and they shared 1. Funny eh? Haha!

After that, since it was still quite early. We went shopping around KIA. Walked around perfume store and toy store. It was so nice when you're surrounded by perfumes~ Ahhh~ I'm gonna collect my JLo perfume soon! *grins*

Then about 5.15pm, I saw Jerome and his mum walking to the counter. He was so surprised to see me! Hahaha! And he was even more surprised when he knows that I'm there to send him off. Hahaha! Omg! He looked so different from the last time I saw him! He surely grew taller and more good-looking eh. But girls, he's not available! So hands off! Haha!

After checking in, his family brought us (me, baby, bro, Galvin, Karen & Andrew) for a treat at KFC. Awww~ So nice of his parents =) And I'm so touched that his mum actually still remembers me!!! Hahaha!

The food sessions~ The chatting sessions~ The laughters~ The jokes~ Awww~ How I miss them much!!! Friends are the greatest creature you can ever have in your life besides your parents! Hehe =D
Then the sad time comes.....He has to walk in the departure hall....A pic of his family before he leaves to Perth...
There~ How I can ever miss a photo session with the engtao Jerome right? Haha! Oh and I haven't tell. Jerome's my primary school classmate! The transformation after 8 whole years. Haha!

A note to all students of Year 2000 of SK St Theresa Padungan, I MIGHT! might only arh! Hopefully can lah. Hold a gathering for all of us next year =D

Theresian rules!!! Kekeke *winks*

Cheers all~!
Perpetua Angeline


audrey_ang said…
Jerome looks really different ey.
ya lo.. eng tao ho?? :)


don think i can make it for the reunion lo...
will be leaving for uk this sept or oct. ;(
ahlost said…
Hehehehe.. Remember to invite teacher(s) to the reunion too :)
Anonymous said…
why me no picture lei? hahaha

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