My Guests~ *UPDATED!*

This post was suppose to be posted up yesterday but I was having a gathering at friend's house so didn't manage to get online and post it up. Hehe =)

I know it's a bit early to post about this but I decided to post it up on the 9th of Feb and March. Just right before the actual date =D

What is this about? My birthday lah! Yang Amat The Sangat The Very The Super 'Pen Xiao Jie' aka ME, MYSELF AND


I have a list of guests to invite. Scroll down and LOOK for your NAME! Ok?

1) Me mummy *grins* (Sure lah! Haha!)
2) Me bro (like duh~)
3) Me darling~
4) Chee Chee
5) Siang
6) Kelly Kong
7) Ah Wei
8) Aurelia Teo
9) Sam Teo
10) Sharon Sim
11) Fahon
12) Ms Chan
13) Choon Fung (please try to come ok? hugs!)
14) Sze Sze
15) Khoon Siang
16) Chew Lian
17) Bee Bee
18) Hillary Hat (you too, please try ok? but I won't mind if you can't make it =)
19) Jimmy Chin
20) Galvin Chung
21) Siaw Wui
22) Li Lung
23) Wilfred
24) Hellen
25) Kuet Phin
26) Kui Ing
27) Ah Hui
28) Rose Wong
29) Johnston Foo
30) Chai Sia
31) Nian Han
32) Icelyn

SO.....I do have 32 people in my list eh? Hehehe =D I just hope that all of you can make it. If any of you wana bring a friend along, you're always welcome~ Cos the more the merrier~ Next month 9th, I'll post up the venue and time and maybe...MAYBE! Theme for the night~ Hahaha! Will think about that first! Hehehe =D

Stay tuned~

Perpetua Angeline


monster said…
Bo cio me...Hahah..jk.
aNgeL-cuPid said…
you wan go har? can can no prob! lai nia! u wait i edit lor. hehehe =D

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