My sweet baby love~!

I am here to story about someone. He whom I decided to call...The man of my life~ My sweet baby love~ Hehe =D

Many things had been happening around lately. Lots of ups and downs in between us. But we both managed to go through it all. We now promised each other to stay tough and strong til no time.

5years, darling...5years is our target from now. So by year 2014, you all might be given surprises. Hehe =) I don't promise but that's our target for now.

Anyway, you guys wana know what he did recently? Kekeke =D
Before CNY, he bought me this box of Ferrero Collection. He knows I love chocolates! I was hyper! Hahaha! But it has been kept in the fridge til now. I haven't open yet =)

Then, it was kinda ages ago that I've been wanting to buy a rim of a4 papers cos mine is finished dy. But I haven't have the time to head over any bookstore or stationary shops around. The stationary store near my office sells expensive stuff. And everytime I passed by any stationary stores, I'll forget to buy it. Old me! Hah!

Then last 2nights, baby love came to my workplace after I off work. He passed me this plastic bag of heavy stuff. I took it out and WHOA! Hahahaha! He actually went to buy the a4 papers for me! So touched! Hehe =D

He even wrote some stuff on it. Sooooo sweeeet!!!!
Want me to translate? Nah! Get your own translator! Hahaha!

Well, that's not just it. Guess what happened yesterday?




Com'on give it a guess before I tell my tale....

Guess more!!!

Hahahaha! I think you all got fed up dy lah. I'll put it into diary-like way.

07-02-2009 @ my house
7.00am: Alarm rang but I press snooze and doze off again~
7.30am: Alarm kept snoozing. Then I woke up. Go check my gate outside. Not lock. Ok!
7.35am: Still feeling very tired and sleepy. Walking half awake to bathroom.
7.40am: Hp rang. Baby called.
Baby: Dar, open door. I'm outside.
Me: The key is behind the door. Push it open and take it.
7.55am: Came out from shower. Greeted baby who sat at dining table reading newspaper. Went to check for my breakfast.
Me: Dar, mummy got cook fried rice bo. How? You cook your own maggi lor.
Baby: Har? Like that then nevermind lah. I'm ok.
Me: No no! You must eat! If like that, I bring fried rice for lunch lah. Then u cook now. Hehe =D
Baby: Oh ok. Where's your maggi?
8.10am: Me went to make-up and dressed up while baby cooking breakfast for me. Although it's just maggi mee but AT LEAST he's there to COOK BREAKFAST for me!
8.30am: Done with my make-up and dressed up. Had breakfast with baby. Got my 'ai xin zhao chan'. *grins!*
8.50am: Baby send me to work.
9.10am: Reached office. Baby went for drinks with Greg at next door.
Baby: Tonight 8pm?
Me: Yeapz!
Then for the whole day at work. Bla bla bla~ Etc etc etc~
7.00pm: Done with work and training bit earlier. So called up baby to pick me.
7.30pm: We went to Kenyalang to take away foods for dinner. Then head over 'our home' for dinner and 'er ren shi jie'. Hehe =D
10.00pm: Baby sent me home.
That's all for yesterday~ He's so nice right? Right girls? Hiak hiak hiak! He really changed alot since the 'storm'. So proud of him now! So loving him! Hehe =) Don't get goosebumps arh! Hahahaha!

Well, it's good that he knows how to change. But of course, time will heal everything...5years...


*tOns Of huGs & kiSses!!!*


ahlost said…
Aiyerr.. Manis betol ~~

Why the baju so familiar geh? *tsk tsk*
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha! cos its so familiar to you and you only! hahaha!

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