The vain US!

Now here's the vain SHOTS! Muahahahaha!

Why is everyone looking away from my camera??? Me being squeezed by my cousins~ From left to right is youngest to eldest. Hee~

As always...the three of us being VAIN!Me and cousin Hui Lian. Same age with me~

Greg, YL, me and Hellen. This was taken on the 3rd day of CNY up at Hellen's house at Serian! Haha! See how nice of us to go til Serian to visit her. Kekeke =D (OMG! I looked so dark in this pic! NoOoOoO!!!)

Me and cousin Ing. She's now studying at KL lor. Missed her much much much!!! Why my eyes become so sepet?
And again! The three of us at Chee's house on the 4th day which is also her house's open day. Hee~

Muackz muackz!


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