Celebration @ Kado

Last Friday night, we had a secret plan up to surprise Gregory on his birthday. Hehe =D He was so blur, not knowing what's going on. Just being dragged out to dinner. We even had to lie that it's something else that's up. Hahaz!

Anyway, the time said were 8.30pm to meet at Kado. I've been there before and thought it's a nice place to go again. So all agreed and there we went.

Gregory came with Hellen while Siaw Wui, Li Lung and Chai Sia came together. Then Wilfred come alone. Kui Ing and Ah Hui came quite late cos Ah Hui was sick I heard. Kesian~This pic is taken by baby. I didn't take much pic that night. And many were screwed. Sighz! My photography skills somehow went down. I didn't really play with my camera lately. So saD larh!
See so blur! Kns! This is the cabonara spaghetti that I ordered. Not nice! I still prefer their chicken steak.
Baby and Greg both ordered bolognaise chicken spaghetti. They said it's quite tasteless. Probably it's the sauce that's too watery. Not that nice lor. Somehow the food that night kinda disappoint me. But not the burger! It was superb! Hehe =D Especially the lamb ones which the girls ordered. Baby and I ordered chicken burger too. It's was ok.
It's time for the cake and candles and songs and presents~
He was really surprised! Hahaz! Greg Greg~ What to do. 21years old already. So much be surprised once in awhile. Hehe =D
Happily diving into his blueberry cheesecake~
Smiled so widely! Haha! We got him a cake and 2 neckties as present.
Group photo will never be leftout! Hehe =) Hope you like it Greg~



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