Screw you!

Darn it! Why everytime when I'm trying to submit my resume to somewhere, there sure be a problem coming out. Oh fuck! What the hell is wrong? Am I not suppose to submit my resume? Sien lah! So shit!

Why isn't there anyone to help me when I really need them to help???? Can someone please teach me how to write a nice resume? Or at least tell me where you learn how to write one? PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!

I guess all I can do is beg for somebody to help cos whenever I think that person can help, in the end, that person cannot help! So sick ok. I'm really really sick of that! I don't care if you're reading this. But this is so true! Everytime asking you about stuff, I'll sure be boiling up!

At times I really wonder, why can't I have someone who is smart enough and helpful enough and wise enough???




Anonymous said…
cool down.. fyi, u may get a better resume on yahoo..try it up when u free.. i did tat b4..sure u can get it..

have a nice day
ahlost said…
I don't remember how to write one since I've been with this company for so many years..

But you can always google for Sample of Resumes available.. Or if you're hardworking enough, walk to MPH or Popular to have a look..

Cool down dearie ;)

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