Sudden strike!

This morn I woke up around 8am due to my alarm ringing there. Pushed the snooze button about 5 to 6 times. Haha! Reluctantly got up at 9am. Feeling a little dizzy and pain down my throat, I dragged myself to shower. After shower, feeling not that well, I called up office to take a sick leave. And weee~ I'm off to sleep!

Hahaz! Just yet! I then blow dry my hair, took my breakfast and head over to Century mart to get some groceries. Bought myself Strepsils. Hope it works =)

Then when I got home, started to clean up my car. Vacuumed, washed, polished, wipe. From inside to outside and all over. So now my car is shining shining!!! *pats myself* Then I saw a bucket of dirty clothes by my kitchen door. So since I'm home, why not help mum do some laundry instead. And I did. So now the clothes are hanging outside under the wait! It's raining soon! =P

What's next? Mum called and baby called. Blah blah blah~ And that is how I'm online now =)

Loving my Tuesday~~~


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