3 matters in the world

I got this in the newspaper. Just wana share around =)

There's 3 matters in the world.
1 is own matter.
2 is other people's matter.
3 is nature's matter.

Now, why do people get stress?
Firstly because they don't care about their own matter. Then they want to know about other people's matter. And lastly they worry about nature's matter.

So if you want to live around happily.
Care about your own matter. Ignore other people's matter. And never worry about nature's matter.

Agree? =)


ahlost said…

It's so true when I really think bout it :D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Haha! Guess who told me this? Fung Lei. Hehe =D He read from newspaper for me. hahaha!
ahlost said…
Wow.. that's cool !!

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