Baby boy's how old?

Last Wed was baby's birthday. I kidnapped him to a place called Star Chef. Haha! This place was recommended by Sharon. Not bad lah. =)
Nice sign board inside. When we reached, there was around 10 to 15 people in there. Then more and more came. Whew~

Then again~ Camera's on! Hehe =D Oh I so love wine~~~ How I wish I can have my hands on them! Urgh!

The interior is just simple. Simple and nice =) We sat on cushion seats.

I like the cheerful color of orange and yellow.

Jeng jeng jeng!!! I curi-curi took his pics when he's there busy taking pics of the place. Haha! I love this pic much! Baby looks so cute!!!

See see! It's as though he's doing promo for the place. Haha~

Checking on photos baby? =)

Oops! He caught me in action. Blek!

Baby ordered fresh lime sour plum while I had Ribena Sprite.

For the first time ever! Baby actually ordered mixed grill! What a surprise! Haha! It's always me who's there to try out different stuff and he's always sticking to the very classic chicken chop. But he went different that night. O.o? Kekeke =) It's not bad though. But the lamb's kinda disappointing to me cos it's too hard to chew.

I had chicken chop with cheese. It came in a super small portion. The food's kinda disappointing lor =/

After dinner we went over to our kingdom for cake cutting session. Heee~

See what I got him? I thought the cake would be so normal and I wanted something different this time. So I went to Taka and bought 4 cheese tarts and 2 pieces of chocolate cake. Nice leh~ The first unique cake I'd ever created and the first he'd ever received. Haha!

Awww~~~ See that face? Heee~ XD

What did you wish for dear? Can I know? Pweessss~ =D~

So cute!!! Muahz!!!!!

1 cheese tart, 1 blueberry cheese tart, 2 strawberry cheese tarts, 1 chocolate fudge cake and 1 chocolate cake. Hehe =)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY LOVE~! I won't reveal your age. Haha! Muah muah muah! Hope you did enjoy your birthday~!

Loving you always~!


ahlost said…
Can see his age from candles.. tsktsktsk..

*whoops* did I just reveal his age?

Happy belated birthday YL ;)
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Ssshhhh!!!! LoLx!!!!

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