Country's Rice Cafe

Last Wed night me and baby went to celebrate our 13th month anniversary down Country's Rice Cafe. I was introduced to this cafe by Galvin. Thanks mate! It's an awesome place for lunch. *winks*

Anyhow, Wed night wasn't our first visit there cos we did went there for lunch the previous week. Since baby said wana try out their western food (only available after 3pm), so we head over there.

Took a seat in the cafe. It's quite nice in there though. You know what I love? I love their ceilings, I love their decor on table and I love their lamps!How I wish I can bring these lamps home!!! Hahaha! Nutz!
Even the tables and chairs are so nice! It's like so classy. OoOoOooo~
See the bamboo? I love the way they uses the champagne bottle as a vase. Cool eh~
And there he goes again. The spoon and fork. =.='''
Baby had 100 plus while I took in ice lemon tea =)
He said to try the western food but he ended up with rice. Again! So sweat! Baby had deer rice. Oh and did I forget to mention that I love their plates too? Hahaha! I practically love their whole new modern designs and ideas~ Oh my~~
Slurping yet? This one's recommended. Same goes to their sweet and sour fish and also their plum sauce pork rice. Highly recommended!
As for the chicken chop which I ordered...It does go down into my tummy by force though. The only word I can spell out is disappointed! The so-called coleslaw suck ok! And the chicken chop. Such 'big' piece. Not worth my RM7.90 lor. I'd rather go Westwood. =D

Til then~ It's a place for lunch and not dinner. Cheers~

Happy 13th Month Anniversary Darling~ You know I love you~ =)



ahlost said…
Where is this place again?

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