Jobless me


Super duper hyper BORED AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

What have I been doing for 2 jobless days at home? Hehe =D

Yesterday morning woke up at 8am. Muahahaha! Super early! Just to go meet my beloved granduncle Mr Kuang. Hehe =) Chit chit chat chat. Then 11am went to meet someone. Then after that went back to my old old old school St Teresa. Aiseh! It'd been 3years! And I baru go back take my SPM cert. Hahaha! Heartless me! The smell of my old school~~~

Then after that went back to find Ms Chan and my uncle F.Lei again. Talked through some stuff. Uncle knows best! =D Then went to see someone again. Walked to Guardian after that to buy some monthly stuff. Oh you know~

Hahaz~! Then I got no place to go to. Yet to take my lunch. So headed over to aunty's house to loiter. Took my lunch there. Waited til mum came over. Watched movie. Then come home by 4.30pm. And what do I do at home? Online and online and online. Til I forgot my movie at 10pm!!!

Eh I gotta run. Want watch my movie online. Kekeke =D

Oh and before I forgot. I tried my luck at painting my bathroom door frame. Went all cacated!!! Urgh!!! So now my bathroom is smelly and stinks with all the paint's smell. Yuck! With newspapers on the floor. The paint can at the side together with the brush. Mum's gonna scold. Oops!



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