SIEN! SHIT! AND I MEAN SHYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sigh!!!! It all started last night. The damn server went down on me right at 11.30pm sharp! Fuck! I can't browse around A Shopaholics Den and I can't take care of my restaurant and my farm. Shit! Then bopien lah. Had to off lappie. No one on msn can chat also. All either busy or away. 11.30pm. Darn early! Off to bed. So wtf right?

Then movies marathon til 1smth. Still couldn't sleep. I don't know I twisted and turned til what time then I finally sleeps. Stupid!

Then this morn woke up around 10.41am. Still dizzy. Dozed off again til 11.13am. Had to get up dy. Cos had to pick bro from school. Darn! Called Siong thought wana get the router and adapter. Manatau this pig still sleep. OMG! Haha! What to do. Pig has pig friends. That's why we have pig dog friend (zhu peng gou you).

Then balik rumah ingat mau online via my lovely desktop pc. And my pc too went down on me. Big shit! I tried to push the button few times. Still it doesn't work. I really hope it isn't the power plug again. HAIZ! Called Siong up again. Asked why lah. Then he say worh. Pc send to him again lo. Haiz!!!!

Then stupid bro. Come tell me his mouse cannot move. I thought what. So went to check out. Unplugged and plugged. Still cannot. Asked Siong again. Said to try on my lappie. Still cannot. Diuz! The mouse went down on bro. Argh!

Already so many things up. What's next? SHIT SHIT SHIT DAY!!!


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