Electric Cooker

You all should know about electric cooker right? Is it cheap? And should I get it? What's my purpose arh? I thought when go picnic can bring along lor. Hehe =) Should I get it or not? It's so convenient bo. But I've got so many other things in my wish list ler. Kekeke =D How?

I got nothing to blog so dig this up lor. Recently I've been sleeping late. Very very late. Or should I say early dawn? Hehe =P I won't be sleeping til 2 to 3am. Haha! And what do I do? Facebook lor! Hmm...I wonder where is Miss Kelly. She said to go find something to eat. Then suddenly she went MIA. Hmm.....

Bla bla bla.....................

Still waiting for my pc................

Anyway, should I buy the electric cooker? Hehe =D


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