No pc..No car..No life..


Last post I said my cpu kena the h1n1 influenza. I'd been missing my cpu since then. And I've got no pc to use. Lappie also taken back by baby dy. Now only got bro's pc. The one that is new but without songs. So sad hor!

Now what? My car sent to workshop to respray. Been there 2 days dy. And just now mummy called up the person. He said have to wait for another 3 days. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW TO SURVIVE WITHOUT MY PC AND MY CAR???????????????????????????

Anyone has a car to borrow me for 3 days? Just 3 days. Please! I promise I'll take good care of it. I promise to jaga nice nice. Keke =D Even a Kancil also can. Anyone? Pleaseeeee~~~~~~~~~~~


yonglim15 said…
Lai .. i have car (kaki).. i spot a little spelling error.. hehehe..

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