Simple gestures still go a LONG way

Copied directly from Ink'd : The Fraternity

& I guess at some point of our life, all of us forget to just shaddap 'n listen. I guess most of us think that because we as guys are generally attracted to intellectual others, that 'em girls have the same mentality as well. There are times, that you are meant to say what's in your head, for example; in board meeting or a project meeting and so forth.

& there are times, that we should really just drown our ego, stop trying to be a hero and come out with all these GREAT solution (in a non-sarcastic way), just shaddap 'n listen. Because, ... & I hate to break it to you, but when a girl pours out her problems to you or brings out an issue, most of the time (probably 90% of the time) she already have solutions for it; & 70% of the time, she has already decided on that solution.

So obviously, we don't need to say anything else. I guess, most of the time we fail to realise that all she needed was just for you to listen and give her a hug. & maybe that hug was all she need all this time. We as human, or guys still tend to take for granted the effects of little gesture.

But please don't sit there and listen, then hug her when she ask you, "What shall we have for dinner?"

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