Someone special

Many of you have known him...but some of you may not...Who is he?...

He is Anselm Chang. A guy I met over a year ago. Someone whom his blog inspired me to write on more and more. Knew him through his blog. Since the first day I hopped on to his blog, I started reading until one day he decided to lock it...Well, I never try to login anyway. So it has been 4months since I read his blog. Until last night, I was online til 2am. Cos why? I tried my luck to peep at his blog. And I got in =)

I was real upset to know that he is closing down his blog. So I read on and on. I read back as much as I could. I still remember how I always visited his blog when I'm down and when I needed words for my questions. He doesn't only inspires me to write but also taught me about life. Honestly, without his words, my life wouldn't be as it is today. Thanks Selm~

Well, I wouldn't say I know him much. Know him through blog, then went on to friendster and msn and now we have facebook. Hah! How life had go on. Only get to meet him once. That was when he came back 2years ago for semester break if I'm not mistaken. I didn't manage to send him off to Melb. Wanted to. But didn't.

If you were to ask. Is he a friend of mine? I wouldn't say he's a friend. Cos he's not just a friend. He's someone special whose words made me walked through the valley, who was there when I needed someone to talk to during late nights (maybe you'd forgotten but I did not). It's all about the words in his blog. It's endlessly meaningful.

He may be the person who is always searching for the answer to his questions. Who is always questioning around although he already knew the answer. Who is always aiming for the temporary highs. Who chases after his dreams of Ink'd. But never did he know that his words made people moves on with life. He is someone I call the guardian to everyone's life.

So hop on to his blog before he close it down. I'm sure you will be able to find ur answers there.

Dear Selm, thank you...

I really hope you won't mind me copyrighting your post over to my blog. I just want to keep your words alive =)

Well, you said to me..."Every show has an ending..."


ahlost said…
I miss him and his blog posts :(
PoSHDeViL said…
sigh. i dun even feel like writing anymore. :(
aNgeL-cuPid said…
sigh...wonder what's he thinking..but it shouldnt be that bad for him to end his miseries..i just dont wan him to close his blog..

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