Something nice

Ok so I gave up trying to login to my msn which won't work when everyone else is online there happily chatting away. Oh well, at least I still have my blog to brag about =)

So here I am. Sitting in front of pc doing nothing again. Not really in the mood for painting today. Ached my wrist yesterday cos I painted from 4pm til 7smth almost 8pm. I was trying to transfer my stuff from pendrive back to pc (took pc to reformat AGAIN remember). And I found something kinda nice. So gonna share it all around =)

#1 - It's so funny how we set qualifications for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception. (I found mine, now have you?)

#2 - You will know when you really love someone when you want him to be happy even if their happiness means you are not part of it. (Hahahaha! *pats own back*)

#3 - If someone comes into your life and becomes a part of you but for some reason he couldn't stay, don't cry too much. Just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he made you happy even for awhile. (Yeapz! Realized that not long ago)

#4 - There are some things that we never want to let go of; people we never want to leave behind; but keep in mind that letting go is not the end of the world, but rather it is the beginning of a new life. (Ladies and gentlemen, what's your say?)

#5 - Remember that the best relationship is when your love for each other is greater than your need for each other. (Is this the way it's suppose to be?)

#6 - You'll know that you miss someone very much when everytime you think of that person, your heart breaks into pieces and just a quick "Hello?" from that person can bring the broken pieces back. (How can I not admit this?)

#7 - Giving someone all your love is not an assurance that he will love you back. Don't expect love in return, wait for it to grow in his heart, if it doesn't, be contented it grows in you. (Aahhh...what is love...)

#8 - It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to fall in love with someone but it takes a lifetime to really forget someone you have grown to love. (I guess it really is this way. Cos the moment I saw you, I got attracted to you. As the time passes, I took more peek on you. And since you were talking to me, I wanted to know more about you. And darling, you know how it feels right?)

Just a thought: What would you do if the only person who could make you stop crying is the person who makes you cry? *smiles*

Have a nice day~!


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