Star Cruise Virgo Trip - Pulau Redang

Weeeeee~~~~ I've been to Pulau Redang~ I've been to Pulau Redang~ I've been to Pulau Redang~ Haha!

Does anyone know the famous More More Tea Inn at Pulau Redang? Catch the movie Summer Holiday by Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng and you'll see our famous Pulau Redang on tv!!!!
Me and baby on ferry getting our way from cruise to the island. At first we still thought that this need to be paid. Then we went to ask the reception people. They said its free of charge! Yahooooo~~
The guards helping everyone getting on to the ferry.
Li Lung anak Wong and Ah Hui anak Chai. Haha!

7 of us~ 1guy and 6ladies...Kekeke =D
Fishermen's boat look-alike...
Selamat Datang ke Laguna Redang Island Resort! Wth! BM plus English greeting???
This is the waiting area...Wait for what? Wait for getting home lo~
Neh wait for this tut tut train to bring you to the main beach =D
Map of Pulau Redang...Small small small island~
Wana go diving? Remember to ajak me ok!
This is just the port. Not the beach...
Waiting hall. Didn't go in =)
You mau tunggu itu tut tut atau you mau jalan kaki 5minute? Itu orang akan kata ini macam sama you lor!
Who wana walk right? Hahaha!
You snap me I snap you =)
Wana go kayakz???
Aloha~~~ The beautiful beach~~~
Someone's in action again =P

It's a restaurant I think. Didn't go there though.
You know the saddest thing about being at beach?
Is you can ONLY SEE people having fun IN the water and not you cos you aren't wearing any swimwear and didn't bring extra clothes. SOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's Laguna Resort...
He wants the beach. Who doesn't know that...

Ahem! What's that guy doing over there? Hahaha!
Hot hot hot weather! Drinks stalll super busy lor!
And coconut stall too! RM7 for one coconut =.='''

Banyak orang kan? =D
And a lady over there singing 'tian mi mi'. Hahaha!
She poses for me!!!
The bumbung atap with benches~ All of them fully occupied =/

Awwwww.....................Just look at the sky...and the sea...and the beach.....................
I DON'T WANA GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANA GO DAMAI ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoops! But when you're up at Damai do call me ok? Don't bskl me lah. Haha!

Kekekee.....old wrinkles dy =(

A bunch of Laguna Resort's ferry =D

And he bought one for us =)

I MISS PULAU REDANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys girls! Wana go Pulau Redang????? =D

Comments said…
wow you went to redang from the star cruise trip?
i was there a few weeks ago!
great place huh? =D

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