Star Cruise Virgo Trip - Superstar Virgo

Finally I'm on the Superstar Virgo Cruise~~~~

And after checking into the room...Where do we go? =DThe pool la of course~~~ But we didn't swim cos there were too many Indians and the weather was damn hot! Later I come back black black also. Haha!
I wana play this ler~
And the name of the pool is Parthenon Pool...
Fake phone? No no! They're real phone connecting to the wire! Hahaha!
Galaxy of The Stars...Don't know see what...
The stairs that I climbed til my leg muscles ache like hell. Cos me and baby went lost in the cruise. Hahaha!!!!!
This is the Pavilion restaurant. They serves chinese cuisines. We had our lunch there =)
First dish...wanton + fishball + crabmeat + vege soup...
I forgot what is this but it's damn NICE!!!!!! How I wish I can tapao it back to my room and enjoy the whole time. Hahaha!!!
Steam fish...Didn't eat this =)
Crispy noodles...Not bad lah. Tasted bit like the keropok kecik kecik dalam packet yang saya makan masa sekolah dulu. Hahahahaha!!!!
Lemon chicken...I don't really like lemon chicken though. Prefer sweet and sour =D
This vege is kinda mixed lo. Got normal green vege and kailan also. Sot de them.
Desserts...This one's nice =)

Then by night time...we go round round the cruise. Had our dinner at Mediterranean Buffet. The buffet not bad oh~ Lotsa varieties =D
And I found this!
Haha! Sorry lah. My camera is lausy cam. So can only view like this lor~
Paiseh lo! Well, I'm thinking of gettin myself a better cam dy. But need to wait. And wait. And wait.......
The night scene of Singapore.....
Tadah~~~~ Spot Indians yet?
Whoops! Blurred!!!! It was so windy at night! Hehe =D How I wish to bring back the wind to Kuching. Hahaha!

Then me and baby went to ask about other facilities such at gyms, sauna, spa, massage, karaoke, casino and other stuff. The staff so friendly. They allowed us to view the sauna room. Hehe =D
This is the ladies locker in the sauna room.

This one's the massage area if I'm not mistaken. They have 2 small pools for spa.

We went lost I told you...Haha!
Africa karaoke + pub + casino. Hehe =D All of us include baby's nieces went to sing k on the first night. Kid's dad paid for our karaoke *grins*
Alco~~~~~~~ Want some? Hehe =D
This is the main lobby.
Nice ceiling huh...
The reception area...The staff all friendly friendly ones. Heee~

Is this the Caesar of Rome?
Then who is this?...

The three golden horse at the lobby...

OMG!!!!! Did I see myself gained some weight?????????
I wana bring him home~~~~
Palazzo the Italian restaurant...
Hello hello~ Who's on the line~
This one's Bella Vista restaurant. Serves western cuisine. We all had our dinner there on the last night onboard.
And I went dizzy the whole time in this restaurant cos it's located at the end of the ship. Urgh~!
And I wasted my meal there!!!!

Ever readied bread on table...

My appetizer. Beef and bread and cabbage.
Baby's appetizer. Turkey salad.

And then my camera fails me big time! My main dish was beef spaghetti which I couldn't finish cos too dizzy. And my dessert was black forest cheesecake. Didn't finish that too. Wana vomit edy. Sigh!!!!!!!


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