*yawn!* So bored!!! And so lazy to blog. Hehe =D

Let's just story about what happened last night. Hmm...let's see...

Last night when baby come to pick me up, we headed to E-mart first. Cos I wana get my specs done. I know my degree had increased. So wanted to change the lens. Went to Eyesight Optic to check check my eyes. Left side, as usual, nothing =D While right side has 350. OMG! Increased 100 leh!!!

Then the people wanted me to change both side of the lens into good UV protection lens. But too expensive for me. So I don't want lor. I took back the normal type. Costed me RM25 for just one side lens. Aihh....

Then after E-mart, we went to Guardian to buy some stuff. I wana look for lipbalm. My lips was cracking like hell. I think it's cos I doesn't suit using Vaseline lor. So I bought back the old Nivea Essential. Luckily there's sale and it's only RM6.84. Heee~ I bought other stuff too. So overall crash was RM14.66. Haiz....

After that, we went to Spring for dinner and shopping. Baby said to go Sugarbun worh. So we had dinner there. Dinner's always on baby =D~

After dinner, we went walk walk around lor. Window shopping nia. Baby wanted to look for formal wear with short sleeves. But can't find any. Me just browsing around. Then left FOS and went into D&D. I caught the sight of nice formal skirts! *drools~* I want them!!! But a lil costly =( Anyway, I got myself a white skinny belt there since my previous black one went putus already. Haha! The belt cost RM13. Another spend~

Then~! I beh tahan so poked into MPH. Hehe =P

AND GOT MYSELF THIS!!! Actually I wanted to look for books about UBS software. Trying to learn ma. There's a book title there cos baby search using the pc. But we just couldn't find the book. Even the salesperson couldn't find it. Haha! So I ended up splurging RM33.55 for another Cecelia Ahern novel. So far I'd read P.S. I Love You, Where Rainbows End, A Place Called Here and If You Could See Me Now. I think they're all SUPERB! That's why I bought myself another novel from her. Gonna get myself The Gift next time. Though it's more expensive than the rest, BUT WHO CARES! I want her whole collection!

Now, one question. Should I get the MPH membership card??? Is it worth it???

Til then~


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