Door revamp project

Two months ago I was jobless and had nothing to do at home. So I started painting my room door. Hehe =D

Mum asked me to paint the bathroom's door frame and so I continued to paint my room door. Actually I bought the paint much much earlier on. But just didn't have the time to paint cos had been working everyday then.

Until 2months ago I finally had the time. But well, it sure did take me looooooong time to finish painting. Haha!How's it? I saw this design in some movies which I forgot the name. I thought it's nice so I adapt it to my room door. Hehe =D My room is so colorful~~~ Pink and purple wall. White and red door. What's next? Haha!

Fast fast comment liaw. I wana know what you guys think. Hehe =D


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