First day of work

So almost all you do know that today is my first day of work at a lawyer firm somewhere in town. Was introduced to this job by Sharon. Thanks gurl~!

Anyway, last night I slept at 2am. Nervous mah! Ma si cannot sleep lor! Cannot blame me. Blame my brain. It doesn't want to rest. Hehe =D

So, what do I do?

My position in the firm is as an account cum admin clerk. And as I saw before, there were 3 litigation clerks and two lawyer. The office just normal. Well, I've never been into lawyer firm before. So I guess it's normal.

Reached quite early cos want to avoid the jam at Matang and Satok and town area. So I stopped by McD to waste my time there listening to songs in my car. Hmm..who's there to join me for McD breakfast next time round? Hehe =D

When I reached office, I was suppose to meet someone called Ms Voon and she'll tell me what to do and all that. She sort of helped out for my position when the previous girl left. And as to my knowledge, she's the senior clerk there. But she doesn't look senior to me. So young! So gentle somemore~ Keke =P have a room to myself...And this is how my room looks like....Hmm....Cupboards and cabinets of course. My desk. And seats for clients. Like as if there's gonna be any client walking into my place. Ok forget about it.
And this is my workdesk. That's my pc and keyboard. Hmm...Where's the cpu?
And ah...this is what I see when I open up my window. My room has a window ok. Haha!

Fuh!!!! AS IF that's gonna happen to me. And since when town area has seaview? Hahahaha!!!!

I'll show you what REALLY are on my desk and how my room actually look like. I did not lie when I said I have a room! I do have one! AND I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!

I think I won't be sleeping tonight thinking of how to tidy and clean up and decor my room. Hmm...make a room revamp? Hahahaha!!!!!

Fine fine fine!!! This is how my monitor looks like. With the I-think-only 10" screen and the color tends to run away at times. It's internet-less too!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! HOW TO SURVIVE WITHOUT INTERNET!!!!!!!!! But I did survived one day without it though. Hahaz!

And...this is how my workplace looks like. Well, almost. Not exactly. But there's files all over the room. By the cupboard. In the cabinet. Under the table. On the table next to my desk. And on my desk too. WTH!!! And I think they haven't been cleaning the room for loooooooong TIME!!!!!

Oh what did I do? I clean up lah of course!!! Threw away quite a few stuff til my bin was kinda full. Keke =P I wonder do I clean my bin myself? Aihhh.....nevermind lah~! As long I have my own room I'm glad enough dy. Hehe =D

Wish me luck!


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