Fish Spa @ Indulgence

Few months back, I got these free fish spa coupons from someone. I've been wanting to try out the fish spa since I heard of it. Well, it's just curiosity of how this things work =)

So there, I told my mum and we 3 went there together. It's at Indulgence Wellness Centre at Jalan Song. I called up to make an appointment at about 7.30pm.
When we reached, were greeted by the counter girl. Well, there were not much people there besides the worker. Probably it's a little too early for the clients to come.
We were told to wash our feet at this small tub. Then we went to the fish spa area. Sorry didn't take the pic =/
To the left side of the fish spa, it's the foot massage chair. At that time, still no one there.
There were about 4 aquariums of fishes. Ranges from big to small. We took the biggest aquarium with the smallest fish. Cos I was told that smaller fish doesn't bite that hard. Dahlah the gigi belum all keluar kan? Hehe =D
When I first put my feet in, OMG! I nearly shouted! Haha! It's so ticklish! The fishes all swim towards your feet as though they were damn hungry and that your feet are their food.
They tend to stay longer at the toes. Don't know why. It's very very ticklish when they're at the bottom of your feet. So I'll move my feet whenever they're there. But sometimes the fishes just bite to your skin and they won't go off! Urgh!
That's mummy's foot. She can tahan the tickleness. Aduhai~!
And that's my bro's. He let the fishes swim up to the leg. Haha!
So many of them gathering at our feet! But well, it's a fun experience =) We were each given a towel and a glass of water. Dump our feet in the aquarium for about 45minutes for free. Hehe =D

Go give it a try~ It's nice =)


ahlost said…
What's the normal price like ah?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
er...i think it's rm19. not quite sure.

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