Jinny Joes~

Hey there people~ I found some NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE photos~~~

Why is my title called Jinny Joes? Cos I love Jinny Joes~~~

And what exactly IS Jinny Joes? Or ARE Jinny Joes?

Hehe =D
Tell me what do you see? =)
Is it beautiful?
These are dandelions right? Well, to many humans, they're just normal dandelions.
But what you do not know is that...we (and I mean me and some kids and maybe some other people in the other half of the world) calls them Jinny Joes~~~
Why Jinny Joes? I also don't know actually. Just read it somewhere and I thought why not just call it Jinny Joes right? It's cute~!
There! Take the seeds and make a wish. Then let them go up high into the sky. Your wish will come true if you wish hard =)
I love Jinny Joes!!!


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