MIA for a week!


I am back online after went MIA for a week!!! I mean 5days and nights! Haha! My job is damn exhausting lor. Get up at 6.15am every morning. That's the time my alarm rang but sometimes I just snooze another 5-10 minutes. Hehe =P

Then rushed off to work. Trying to escape the traffic jam. Sometimes stopped by McD cos I reached town bit too early. Hah! And here I am. Still alive ok!

Anyway, I'm coping quite fine with my job. Trying to learn about UBS software. Trying to figure out what should I do next. What's the priority list. And so forth. Cos there's just too many things to do.

With colleagues, things are just quiet most of the time. Apart from one lunch and when they want things from me or vice versa. I had been bringing my own lunch cos lunch outside is too expensive for me =)

So mum had to be the kolian ones to wake up early morning to cook for me. Hehe =P I know I know. I don't cook bah! What to do! Hehe =D

Well, I'm here just to update about myself. Gonna blog bout stuff that had been long long time ago. Just transfered pics from hp to pc bah. Remember my pc got h1n1 right? And I reformat it right? So yalor. The hp software gone. Had to reinstall it and bla bla bla.

Ok so I've got this one pic that I want to show to you guys.

Remember I said my pc was super outdated and ran color sometimes? Yeap~
This pic is taken with my Nokia 5300. No editing no photoshoping or anything. It's pure original pic. And that's to my horror on my second day of work. My windows is GREEN!!!! Hahahaha!!!

Go on and laugh~

Have a nice day~

Will blog some more later =D

Oh and btw~ I told boss about my pc case. And she called the technician. Technician came and change my monitor (Like I can't do that myself). And now I have this identical twins to my old monitor but it's much nicer WITH PROPER COLOR! Hehe =D


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