Hmm...ever since I got this job. I have been wanting to get a new handphone. For why? JUST COS I WANT TO ONLINE!!! Omg I seem so desperate all the time. Living without msn and facebook and blog. It's such a horror!!!

And also, since I watched Gossip Girl, I so love the handphones they use. It's so nice! So superb!

Ahhh....and that makes my head turn and turn and spin and spin....

And my direction ended pointing at this....Yeap~ The new superb high tech connected all the time punya N97~~~~ I know I know. It's expensive. Gonna cost me 6months of my salary. Haha! But it's such a love~! Awww........
All in one handphone worh...How nice....But it's gonna appear only in my dream. Haiz....Even I got this jackpot or mega thingie. Handphone will still not be the first thing in my mind to buy. It will be renovating my house. *ahem!* I mean our new house. Hehe =D

But I still wish to change my Samsung and Nokia hp to this N97~~~~

Can I plant money?


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