Tired! Seriously why don't I have anything to blog these days? Days are getting boring~

Last Saturday I went up Damai with baby. This time he booked the Poolside room instead of Chalet. The trip was just ok lah. Just go relax lor. And what I love most? This time I get to bubble bath~~~ Weeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~ It just feels soooooooooooooooooo NICE!!!

We didn't take any picture this trip cos didn't bring our camera up. Nvm lah. Tired also.

Yesterday was Gawai. So Happy Gawai to all my friends out there who celebrates~

Siong took the Gawai celebration to leave all of us at Kuching. He went KK for training. But am proud of him. He'd changed since I first know him. A man now. Haha! Work hard mate!

Yesterday noon went to watch Night at The Museum 2 with darling and mum and bro. It's not as nice as the first one though. But still ok lah. I'm kinda in a no-mood mood now. No feelings. Just tired.
How I wish I can stay by the beach for life~ And I want it to be Redang Beach. Not Damai Beach please!


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