Turn Red Zoo/Restaurant @ BAU

Last Saturday was Agong's birthday as everyone know. Me and baby actually wanted to go for bowling at Crystal Bowl. But then plan changed. Sudden change! I was in the mood for adventure. And to my surprise, he is too! We both agreed to head over Bau to visit the Turn Red Zoo & Restaurant which lots of my friends had been there but me.

And that night, me chatted with Oreo til 3am. OMG! This Oreo memangz! I wanted to off pc dy. Then she dragged me. We were webcaming and it's SHO FUN!!! Gawd I miss her lots!!!

The next morning I woke up at 9am. 6hours of sleep =.=''' *yawn* Hahaz! I got ready, had my breakfast and drove to baby's house. Sorry lah. I don't know how to use Matang Road to go Bau marh!!! And the directions given to me were to head up through MJC. So had to go down lor~

About 10.15am we depart~! Adventure begins~! We drove drove drove.......Reached MJC and passed. Saw the turning to Bau and Lundu. Then reached a traffic light and turned right. And there! This was where we two got lost! We heard that Turn Red is near Wind Cave. My direction giver did not tell me exactly where it is. He just said "neh you turn right then that's where you can find Turn Red and Wind Cave". Me suku suku just "Oo".

We didn't know have to turn to the road to Serikin where have to go through the police checking. We drove straight up. We saw Wind Cave and Ranchang pool. And then Fairy Cave. We kept driving forward. Apu~! The place getting scarier. Hahaz! And then I tell baby "Let's just turn back to the main road". Then baby said "Maybe it's the fairy cave there?". So we turned into Fairy Cave.

Drive til inside and saw a tourist bus with lotsa tourists. We went to the place where people always climb the cave? Do you climb cave or mountain? I don't know what to call it lah. It's still Fairy Cave anyway. Went down and took some photos.
There. Kereta milik sayangku~ Hahahaha!!! Do not zoom for number! Haha!
And my man~ *blush*
Nice or not? I think they look scary =/
There were a group of guys there trying to climb up. But only one climbed. The rest stood there take his picture. Apalah! Such friends.

Looks like a piece of gigantic rock that's gonna fall anytime!
Sangat zhi lian! Kekekeke =D

*shivers!* Don't dare to imagine more...

And then we left Fairy Cave. We kept driving again. Until we really don't know where we were. We turned back to the main MAIN road. And I texted Kelly for direction. Haha! Sukuznye me! Kelly said we have to turn to the police there. Haiz~

So balik with the police yang sangat strict. The face no smile one bo. Ish ish! After passed the police checking, we saw Turn Red. It's only about within 10metres from the police. Hahahaha!!!

The weather was super the duper the hyper HOT!!!!!!

Yet-to-be-done Garden Accessories. Masih 'kang kang'. Haha!
This is the backyard of the restaurant. The tables and chairs were SUPER HOT!!!
Nice to see, nice to snap. But not nice to touch. Cos it's BURNING!!!
There's a small river...

And a man-made waterfall. Cos I saw the piping. So gg.
Why Turn Red Sdn Bhd? I pun don't know.
It's closed on every Monday. So people human guys girls aunty uncle ah kong ah ma! DON'T go on Monday ok! Adults will have to pay RM8 while kids only RM3 (I think).
Small alligator. It looks like an alligator to me but the name doesn't says so. It's a super long name which I can't even remember how does it read like.
Yuck! I hate snakes! This one is actually 2snakes tanggling together!!! Were they cuddling?
And this one's lonely...
Turkey! Christmas! Yum~ Hahaha! Ok and after this, my camera failed me big time again. Haiz.....
And birds....
And more parrots....Why no Hornbill????
Presenting to you all~ This is the wood fossil. It's super duper bright inside cos of all the lightings setup. Enjoy the pics~


This is JADE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I steal?????????

Ok. That's all about Turn Red Zoo~

After we left, headed over to Bau for Marrybrown and baby wanted to look at Tasik Biru. So called blue. Haha! And went home~! Home sweet home~~~ I was asleep in the car way back home. Kekeke =D

Til then~


ahlost said…
Eeee.. I went to Tasik so called Biru too a week before you :D
adelandria said…
aish, gorgeous caves.... where's that again??????

though i kaint really say i fancy havin crocs and such anyplace near me when i'm havin my lunch...

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