UPSR review

Yesterday morning I was asked by mum to go bro's school and take his report card. Cos when mum and bro went, the teacher haven't arrive. Mum need to work by 8am. So she asked me go school and see teacher. Haiz...

Me: Ganti mak boleh?
Teacher: Boleh. Kakak ya?
Me: Ya.


And then the horror came. Teacher showed me bro's report card. *thunderstorm!* Bro got 4Bs and ONLY 1A!!! OMG! How can that be? Eh I used to get 4As and 1B for my UPSR leh. Why my bro terbalik one?

BM pemahaman 70+, penulisan also 70+. English 60+. Maths 60+. Science 84. KNS!

Then after I left school, the more I think the more I get furious. So after work I went home and think again. Worked half day yesterday. Then I didn't bother and went to sleep. When I woke up, aunty called to ask bro's position in class. I baru blur blur go take his report card and look for the position area. WTH! He got 26 out of 39!!! OMG!!!

This kid must be help immediately. Else he'll drop drop drop his UPSR. Haiz....then I think think think again. And went to pick him from school at 5pm. I told him.

Sis: You want online, you online tonight only. Tomorrow onwards I will keep your pc. Until after UPSR then you can play.
Bro: HAR??? Then what else can I do?
Sis: STUDY! REVISION! How can you get your result so poor???
Bro: ......o................
(few seconds later...)
Bro: Means later I can online til midnight? *grinning*
Sis: Whatever~

So last night, me and baby went to Boulevard. I wanted to buy a clear folder for bro to put his cert and a Arch file for me to use at office. But then I added few items to my shopping list. I went to look for.....
One English practical book....
One for Maths...
And one for BM.

Since his science is so good. So I guess he don't need any more of practice. Just revision will do.
And I took bro's Popular's Student Card. So got 10% discount of all items. Phew~ But still, it costed me a lil. I just hope that these practice will help him to get better result for his next exam and until UPSR.

Then I set a schedule for him. But I have yet to tell him though. Gonna have BM penulisan every Saturday night without me supervising. And every Sunday afternoon will be on alternate subjects. Hah!

As the word says, practice makes perfect!
And I even cleaned my room. Sweep and mop the floor. Clean the fan. Set up a table and comfy cushions just for him to have those practice in my room. And now he's was sitting there having his English Paper 1 but turned out. He's sleeping after half hour. KNS! How to gain good grades like that???

Needs more motivation!


ahlost said…'re such a good sis..

hopefully he can score better in real upsr :)

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