2 days more to go....

And I'm packing...

And I'm packing...

And I'm PACKING!!!!


Blah~! I just want to blog bout I-don't-know-what. Let's see what I can come out with aye?

Hmm..today is my cousin's baby full month. So gonna have dinner tonight at aunty's house.

Previous day, my Nokia speaker went sotz sotz. And I go restart my hp. Then it's ok liu. But I guess it's time for me to get a change? Hehe =D And my dearie Kelly told me that N97 is at RM2350! (O.o)!!!!! So freaking expensive! Sigh! I guess I'll wait til Christmas then... =(

Yesterday morning went to make payment at travel agent. Lotsa stuff happen. But I don't really wana say it out dy since it's settled. But ah wtf! Now I really wish I'm going this trip with ONLY MY BABY!


Hahaha! Yeapz~!

This Tuesday I'm gonna set off to Langkawi~~~ Wheee~~~ Flight time at 1355. Who's gonna send me to airport? Of course I always have someone =D~ Gonna fly to LCCT then wait for about 3hours? I think. And we'll be on another flight to Langkawi. Gonna be at there for 2days and will be down to KL on 9th. I'll TRY to blog around at Aure's place IF SHE LET ME USE HER LAPPIE! =D Muah~

I'm so excited! Well, it's me and baby's first time planning for a trip together. Hehe =) And yes it's gonna be 7days~ So I'll have 24 hours multiply by 7days to be with my darling love~

I've done part of the packing dy. Gonna put those daily use stuff into luggage tomorrow night. Well, tomorrow still have to work anyway. Haha! Can't take leave for too many days. Else I won't have any left this month end. Keke =)

And by the way, I'm now working as an account cum admin clerk at a lawyer firm. Boss is nice. Colleagues are all nice too. And I love my job =D For now lah. But I hope that this feeling of love gonna continue and never ends.

And! Congrats to dearie Kelly who had got her first job at Genting Office Kuching~~ And good luck to my sista Celes for her interview tomorrow at BC Sim. If she got the job then I would say, everything's falling into it's places now. Me working 5mins drive away from baby. Then Kelly just on walking distance apart from baby which means also near to me. And couzy working at Petanak which is just behind my workplace! And I just found out, sweetie Adeline is working at Petanak too!

Ahhh~~~ Is this God's blessing or what? Hehe =) So lovey dovey sweetie darling baby honey cupcake~ Doesn't those miserable days always have a rainbow at the end of the road?


That's all for this post. Will think of something more to blog later. IF I'M IN THE MOOD!


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