Back and planning...

Well yeah I'm back from my trip last Tuesday. I know I haven't blog about it. It's cos I am super tired and lazy. Something hit up during weekend too. So I guess I had to drag til next week then I'll blog bout my trip.

Overall, I did had fun during this trip. And am planning for more. =)

Going where?

Maybe! But we'll still see. Well, I'm planning on going to Sabah next year with family and friends.

After going to this trip with only friends, I found out that, going with my dearie cousins are still the best! No one and nothing beats their fun and laughter and energy and of course, understanding of each other! Can't say much. I just love them lots!

Will try upload pics into FB later. See if I'm rajin enough or not. Hehe =)

Been watching Gossip Girl too. Thanks to Kelly anak Kong that I am now addicted to that movie and am looking forward to more movies on Ppstream. Haha!



ahlost said…
Angel.. glad that you had fun during your trips..

Post up all the pics soon okay.. :)

Can't wait to see :)

As per reply to your cbox.. I'm doing great too :)

Post up more pics ler.. So long didn't see you edi :)

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