Langkawi-KL Trip Day 1 (Part 2)

*Continue from Part 1*

Hehe =D

After leaving Tanjung Rhu Beach, we went straight to the west of Langkawi which has more places to visit and more things to see and more hotels and resorts. We went to the famous Oriental Village. But I guess it's kinda new cos some of the places in there are still under renovation =)
Welcome to Oriental Village~~~~
Just the two of us....MUAH~~~~
Hmm...sorry but I don't know what this sign board means or says =/
A cafe just by the entrance that serves snacks. Hehe =D~
And yes, I've turned into a.....flower girl? Haha! We were just playing around those shops. But honestly though, I kinda like this type of hats. Those old English ladies used to have. The huge gigantic ones with a flower on it. Aww...Haha! And I bought a pair of flipflops from here. Costed me RM12.90 only. It's SUPER comfy!!!
And this one is a souvenir store. Sells all sorts of Langkawi stuff. Didn't buy anything here cos I see they're kinda expensive.
Lots and lots and lots of Helangz~~~
Hmm...I think baby thinks swords are nice. He kinda like them though. Do you?
Ahhh! This!!! I found it in one of the boutique. It's somewhere inside near the fitting rooms. It's on the ceiling. It's a huge Earth with world map surrounding it. Read North America? Hehe =D I like the idea of this globe.
Bang bang!!! Now I'm cowgirl!!! Haha! And yes, the gentleman behind me is Hellen's bf.
Woohoo~ My sexy cowboy? Haha! Maybe I should get him a cowboy hat at that time. Kekeke =D
Huge shells!
Oya this shop! LCCT has one too. The things in here are like SUPER CHEAP!!! I can almost sapu the whole store home!!! I love this shop! Why are they not here in Kuching??? Hello?
The buildings in here are loves~~ I like their unique designs and colors~!
And yes, the Langkawi Cable Car is located inside here too. Heard of it? Bet some of you must have seen it in emails like myself. We didn't try it out.
A closer view...Oh and it's expensive. Hehe =D I forgot the price but I know it's damn expensive. I'm not whether it's worth it or not so we didn't take it. All dealed.
Sometimes I really wonder what is stored inside baby's lil brain.
More shops...
And more shops...
And there, Dropstone Cafe was where we had our lunch.
The environment was good. Clean and neat and nice and simple. I like it here. As for pricewise, it's just standard for a tourist attraction place.
The menu. Well, we didn't ask why is it called Dropstone Cafe but there surely is lotsa stone in the menu =D
I had Nasi Goreng Kampung which came out to kinda disappointment to me. I expect it to be like what I used to had in my school canteen. Haha! Maybe it's just the difference of Langkawi and Kuching. Still Kuching has the best food!
Baby but I forgot what this is.
Then we headed into the free zoo. But this zoo only has deers and rabbits. Haha! Well, it's free~
Lotsa deers! Can buy the food and feed them. It's only RM1. I didn't feed the deers cos they kinda stink. Haha!
And they seriously aren't afraid of human. THEY CAME SO CLOSE!!!!
Black + white = ???
Aren't they cute???
Yay~~~ Food for rabbits~~~~
They seem to be SUPER DUPER HYPER HUNGRY!!!!
See the black one? Haha! So greedy lah. Wanted to snatch the whole bunch off me. Ahh...I love feeding animals~~~
Nice bridge...
Oh there's elephant zoo too. You can ride on them and take pictures. But this one gotta pay. RM20 just to sit on the big fat elephant =.=''' I sat on it before so not interested. Baby said too expensive so he doesn't want to.
I think that's the fortune bridge.
Ah Long from Kuching. Hahahaha!!!!!
A small lake...
Hmm...Why didn't I go take pic of the red bridge hor? It's looks pretty from here.
Excuse me. Just being sakai to see such big vase which they used as rubbish bin (I think)

To be continue again~~~


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