Langkawi-KL Trip Day I (Part 3)

*Continue from Part 2*

So after we left Oriental Village, we went straight down back to Kuah Town cos everyone 'pengz' already. Haha! We went to visit the Helang yang standing Gagah dan Kuat! =P~~

Welcome to Dataran Lang~~~
See the eagle yet? It's standing there so 'wai yeng'. Haha!
The backview...I like the wings...I believe I can fly~~~~
The ooooo MIGHTY eagle of Langkawi~~~~~
Baby trying to climb up? I think. Cos he want to fly away with the eagle to wonderland. Haha!
The sea surrounding the Eagle....Hmm...overlooking the nice sea~~~
And I don't know what is that so don't ask me. Just some nice building for photoshoot.
Eh? Is this the identical ones from the above pic? Lolll~~~ Anyway, that's the fountain I'm trying to show. It's flat on floor so don't expect water ok.
Cantik kan? =D~~~
There's lil waterfall around the eagle too...
Nah~ By Perdana Menteri Malaysia punya ok.
Slow slow read. IF YOU CAN READ! Hahahaha!!!!
See my tiny baby? Kekeke =D
And the tiny me? o.O???
So the very mighty kan kan? Hehe =D The weather was super hot but we still go under the sun without caring about sunburnt. Haha! And yes I turned BLACK from there =P

Will continue the post about the next day later~


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