Langkawi-KL Trip Day I (Part 1)

Hola~! Finally I'm blogging again after SUPER LONG hibernated. Keke =D I was just lazy to blog lah. Anyway, I'm here to blog bout my trip (finally!) I know =P Gonna split it into quite a few post lor. Cos too many pics. Ahem! I'm combining pics from my camera and my hp and baby's camera and hp. Cos at times, we just tend to forget to bring our camera out so we had to take via hp lor.

So here's the start. Our flight got delayed on the first day. Urgh! Made us waited at LCCT for damn 4hours!!! Fly from Kch to Kl at 1315. So reaches LCCT at 1535. Our flight to Langkawi was suppose to be 1850 which means we only need to refresh ourselves at LCCT for like 2hours. BUT!!! Upon reaching LCCT, I saw there's a message in my hp. So I read. My friend, Greg texted me to inform about our flight to Langkawi being delayed for 2hours! So wtf right? AirAsia failing us on the first day.

What else can we do? Kl is not Kch. Can't go any place near. So had to stay at airport for 4 freaking hours! So the four of us (Oh! I haven't mention who, it's myself, baby, Hellen and her bf). Anyway, the four of us wanted to look for a place to sit down and relax. Ended up at McD. The two of them bought something to eat but not me. Wasn't hungry yet. So while they were eating, me and baby went to loiter around LCCT. Never really had the time to walk around before, so we wandered off. There's quite many things to see eh. Hehe =) We bought a few buns, waters and some snacks for the night. Then at about dinner time, we headed to Taste of Asia for chicken rice.

And finally, the time has come for us to go on plane. Flew off to Langkawi. Arrived at about 10pm. Friends told me to rent a car cos the taxi cost are quite high there. The car rental service at airport was like SNATCHING BUSINESS! The minute you turn your head to look at them, they will start calling you "Amoi sini amoi. Come come. Sini sini!". Whoa! I let the rest of them to wait for the luggage and I went to ask about the rental.

After got our luggages, rented our car and we set off to look for our hotel. Went a lil lost though. Stopped by some night stalls to ask for direction. Then by the time we reach our hotel, it's like near midnight. SUPER EXHAUSTED!!!

Off to sleep.

Journey begins the next day. Hmm..think my title suppose to put Day 2 eh? Hehe =)
Each car was filled with maps and brochures and bottled water too. We took the map the night before to have a look and think of places to go.
There. Presenting to you Eagle Bay Resort which is located at Kuah Town. Biasa sajalah~ We booked a standard room and there's 2queen size bed. So considered not bad lah. I just don't like the washroom =/
This is the main entrance. No flat grounds for you to pull up your luggage means, we had to carry our heavy luggage. So gg right? =.=''''
There's a small swing beside the entrance. A very simple hotel.
But the reception area was not bad at all.
And there, the small cafe in the hotel where we had our free breakfast. THE FOOD SUCK! Sorry had to be so straight but it realy suck ok. All Malay food. Urgh! I never like nasi lemak for breakfast. So I ate beehoon instead.
The parking area in front of the hotel. There's a basement carpark too. But we chose to park outside here =)
Um...can I say this is the only thing I found nice about the whole hotel? Haha! It's the fountain. I just loves fountain~~~
There's actually a swimming pool too. But we didn't swim in it. Don't know ler. The idea of swimming in there just doesn't trigger me =P
Ahh...another thing that I spotted and love so much that I had to take like 10 pics of it? Hehe =D A lovely old English designed house just beside the hotel. Nice nice nice!!!
There. The car that we rented. It's the new edition of Nissan Sentra. Costed us RM140 for 2days and 2nights. Quite worth it. Was supposed to be RM160 but the nice lady gave us for RM140, the price of a Myvi because there was no more Myvi to be rent. Hehe =D

Our journey begins, first, we brought the other two for breakfast at some small stalls. No pics sorry. Then we headed up north to beaches. Went to the Air Hangat Village. It was still under renovation so disappointed lor. I wonder why the stupid police still asked us to park our car when the place has nothing to see? Haha!

Then we head straight up to beach.
Welcome to Pantai Pasir Hitam. The Black Sand Beach. Why is it call the black sand? You'll see. There's some stalls just above the beach.
A playground by the stalls.
And these stalls sell clothes and lots and lots of clothes. They had souvenirs too.
Was choosing a pants for myself. Hehe =) And yes I bought one. A present from baby. Muah~
Bought all of my souvenirs here too. For mum for bro for friends.
The things here are quite cheap!
And yes, I actually turned into a fishergirl here. Haha!
Now you know what I'm snapping. Haha!
Zoom in if you wish to read. I doubt if you can read them. Haha!
The stairs leading to the beach.
Perfect view? Yes but only from here. Can't go any nearer.
See! Those sands are black!!! That's why it's called the Black Sand Beach. I actually bought a small bottle of black sands home. Keke =P
This beach ain't that beautiful though. Just curiosity kills. Blek~

Then we headed to another beach. It's called the Tanjung Rhu Beach.
They have quite a few activities here. They includes jet ski, eagle feeding, banana boat trip and bla bla bla. We didn't try any of those cos they costed so much!!! RM200 just to feed those eagles which you don't even know if they're there??? No way!
So we only watched people play jet ski. And...
There's actually some movie being shot. Haha! It's Hindi movie though. We saw them playing the music and the actor and actress start to dance. Hahahaha!!!
This beach is beautiful =)
But nope! We didn't play by the beach. Cos the weather was too hot and we didn't prepare anything to change. And no one was by the beach too. Haha! What a funny place.

Anyway, the story is to be continued cos there's too many pictures to upload. So like I said, I'll split them. Stay tuned~!



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