Langkawi-KL Trip Day III

Morning greetings from Aure's place~! Haha! We went to Genting on the 3rd day of our trip. Suppose to be 4th hor? Hehe =P
View from Aure's room. Quite scary if you look directly down. But if you look far at the highways then it's ok. Keke =D

Woke up at 8am early. Showered and had breakfast. I had donuts for breakfast~! Donuts from Big Apple~! And then Aure took us to Gombak station by LRT.
There. We waited at this station for the bus to bring us up Genting.
No. Not this Rapid KL bus. It's the red Genting Highlands bus.
Hmm...still not seen yet. We waited quite long eh. I forgot how many hours.
Aure bought Big Apple donuts~~~~ Haha! Left few pieces inside cos I ate some dy. Keke =P
Eee!! I looked so fugly lah! Not enough sleep du si ane lor~
Bus Express Genting Highlands. So manyak orang oooo~~~
Aaa.....this is the bus station of Genting. From here we took Skyway up up up Genting~~
Got Animal Kingdom here ah! But I never go in though came across this place lotsa times dy. Haha!
Weeee~~~ Going into the cable car~~~
It's baby's first time in the Genting Skyway. Photo bit blur hor? Why ha?
Scary? Nah~~~ The view is nice. Hehe =D
And I love the wind that day. So cool and so cold~~~
Can I reveal something? Hehe =) Everytime we pass this tiang, surely the cable car will be a bit shaky cos of those wheels. Baby was scared =P~~~
See how cold it was that day? Nice!!!!
Oooo~~ Reached Genting Highlands loooo~~~
This was taken from our room's window. I smartly booked the room with seaview. Muahaha!!!
Nice kan? Actually it's my first time looking over the theme park from the room.
What's this? I don't know.
That's the map that we grabbed. But it doesn't realy come in handy cos we just go round and round and hop onto whatever we saw. Haha!
I love this one!!! First time playing it. I think it's new eh. SUPERB!!!
And it's my first time trying out this Antique Cars too. Baby wanted it so much. Haha!
Yay~! Bumper cars are never to be missed!

We had our lunch at some simple nice sort-of food court. I don't know the name lah sorry. Not a restaurant. Just some place. Then continue playing. Went for the flying chair thing. Again, I forgot the name. Neh the one you are to sit one person in a chair then the chair will be like merry-go-round and will go higher and higher. Haha!

We had Flying Dragon too. What else ah? Er...I forgot lor. We played til suddenly noon time the rain came. Spoilt nia. So we went to the small stalls selling clothes near the entrance to theme park. I bought a pants there for only RM10 oi!!! Baby's bought stuff too.

Then at night, we dined at yummy Hou Mei~~ Baby's bro gave him 2sets of discount vouchers. So our theme park tickets were actually buy 1 free 1. And at Hou Mei, we had discounts too! So the very super worth it!
Tried before?
I say....boleh pergi boleh pergi!!!!
Haha! And baby took this. Nice right?
I had roasted chicken rice..
And baby had the duck noodle which is on promotion. I think it's herbal soup. This one super nice!!!
Then we pergi jalan jalan outside at the garden. I never took this photo before. It's nice right?

After the garden walk, Aure called and said they're somewhere walking back to First World Hotel. She and her bunch of gang went to Highlands there to eat at someplace. She said nice bo. Don't know leh cos I didn't go. But it's so far!!!

Then, my cuzzie Hanz came up just to see me!!!
Suiz? Ahakz! He's so skinny now lah. Compared to the last time I saw him. I wonder what he did to himself. Haiz...
But he's still fun~! Yay! Hehe =D

Then Hanz and his friend had to leave for dinner. So me and baby went to walk around Highlands Hotel.
This is just outside the Olive Restaurant. Nice?
Ahhh! I love the pot!
Then we jalan jalan sampai the I-don't-know-where.
Sorry lah orang sakai like me don't know what place is this called. Please help to tell me?
I like the ceiling =D
Nah! I still don't know. But I know I saw Casino.
This is the Restoran Genting Palace. Ok ok lah. Very quiet lor. Keke =P

Anyway, after walking around, we went back to First World. Shopped abit then went back hotel and doozed off~! Good night! BLek =P~


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