New Bedsheet

Last night I had nothing to do while walking around Spring with bf on out usual Saturday night out. Wanted to look around for containers to store my DSLR accessories but it seems that Spring's stuff are all expensive =(

Refusing to go home empty handed. I bought myself a new bedsheet which I have been saying that I wanted to buy one since ages ago and it happens that Parkson is having Mega Sales. So yeap! My purchase of the night cost me RM21.90. Cheap leh~~ Haha!

There wasn't many patterns to choose from. One pink, one blue and one yellow. Since I already have a pink and a blue bedsheet, so I chose the yellow ones instead. It's the prettiest of them all anyway. Hehe =)

And then today I transformed my bed! Yay!

My new bedsheet!!! Photos all taken by my dear Nikon but due to my room's bad lighting and again I didn't attach the flash unit, I had no choice but to edit the photos. Only brighten them though.

Yes I know I'm already 22 years old but hey that doesn't mean I cannot have soft toys!!! Which girl doesn't love soft toys? Hehe =D I have another one not in picture which I hug to sleep every night. COOKIE!!!!!

And since my DSLR is on. So I try to snap a few more pictures. Trying to learn how to adjust the Aperture to the right one but I just can't remember the larger the Aperture means what and the smaller it went will give what type of effect. So I kept adjusting without bothering. =.='' NOOB!

Managed to blur to background a little in this shot. Hmm....

And then adjusted the shutter speed and it went all clear. FUh~~~

A random shot. Haha!

GOOD NIGHT ALL!!!! New bedsheet tonight~ Yeah~


cyrildason said…
u have 3 penuggu sleeping with u every night.. hahahha.... :P
Norris said…
semangat la tido tok..sampey sik bangun2 pagi..ehehehe.aku suka design bedsheet ya..ahahaha
Eve! said…
Saw a Froggggg!
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Cyril: err...hmm...somehow that sounded scary. HAHAHAHA!!!!

Norris: cantik kan? yay!!! ada taste sama!!!

Eve: YESSS!!!! His name is Froggy. lol duh~ hahahaha!!! that frog was with me since I was 5!!! Hehehe =D
ahlost said…
wootz.. nice picha and nice set of bedsheet set wor ;)
aNgeL-cuPid said…
thanks rose~~~ still practising =D

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