Langkawi-KL Trip Day V

Day 5~!

Me and baby decided to go Sunway Lagoon for the whole day~! Muahahaha~~~ So the night before, we asked Nong Ee and Greg how to get to Sunway from our hotel. Found our way and head over! Hellen and bf doesn't wana go cos they're tight on budget. Ah who cares~!

After breakfast at hotel, me and baby walked to the MRT station at Bukit Bintang and head to Kl Sentral. From there we took KTM to the station near Taylor's college. Then took taxi straight to the entrance of Sunway Lagoon!! I love taking trains. Hehe =DD

And baby kept singing the song: Keretapi Tanah Melayu just cos we took KTM =.='''This is at KL Sentral waiting for the KTM to come.
Undergrounds amazing! Hehe =P~

Ok. So I know alot of you have been to Sunway Lagoon so I won't explain about it. Just let the picture tells the story =D

First time in the ferris wheel of Sunway Lagoon =DD
At about some time after lunch. Should be 1 or 2pm lah. We decided to come up and go eat at Sunway Pyramid. The Pyramid sure is different from the last time I've been there. There's a whole lot more shops to shop! And yes! I bought something there at a very very reasonable price =D
Just somewhere inside the mall. I forgot what we had for lunch eh. Hehe =P Then I text Nong Ee and she said to come pick us up at 5pm sharp. Uncle Yeow sent us back to our hotel. Hehe =) Saved our trips going down mrt.
And yeapz~! Nong Ee treated us J.Co donuts~! It's nice and superb! But stupidly!!! I didn't take photo of the donuts! Stupid or not? Haha!

Nothing much about the day. At night we just stroll along Bintang Walk and shop around Sungei Wang.


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