Happy Birthdays~

Today marks the day of growing to a handsome guy~

Who is he?....

Anselm Chang~~~

Just a short post to wish you...
Have a great day ok? Have it to the fullest! I'm sure you can. Hehe =D
May God and all the angels and saints be with you always~~
And of course, may all your dreams and wishes come true =)


2 days ago happens to be someone growing um....one year younger? Oh that's how her bro quoted for her. Haha! Bopien. Got such bro du got such crazy sis also. The pic will show you. Muahaha!!!!!

Presenting to you all~~~~~~~~

A story of a biscuit...

Once upon a time, there was a cookie (what are the difference?) named Aureo. She is very very black outside. But sometimes she tend to turn brown too... o.O?? Her outer layer is black (I mean brown) and her inner layer is white. Hmm? Ok her teeth makes sense. Haha! And yeah, as you had noticed, the cookie is a shemale.

She loves to eat and sing and online gaming and sleeps and....what else? Anyway, she is a total person who you can never missed out in the public because of her laughter. Although sometimes she can be super emo and sing out loud. She just loves to sing so much! She always have her ipod plugged into her ears everywhere she go. From room to shower to dining to outing to lrt and mrt to school to class to shopping...

She's the bestest buddy you can ever have too! Why? Cos when you cry, she is there. When you laugh, she is there. When you watch tv, she is there. When you eat, she is there. When you're walking out of school, SHE IS THERE! OMG! Why does she sounds like a stalker? Hahaha!!!

What I'm trying to point out is that, she is everywhere you needed her. Hehe =P (wu bo?) Cos when you cry, she gives you tissue. When you laugh, she laughed at you. When you watch tv, it's her fav prog. When you eat, she eats your portion. And when you're walking out of school? I don't know. But she just calls me out SO LOUD that everyone turned to look at me!!!

Lalala~~~ Enough of my story of this cookie. A picture is attached below to show you all how does this cookie looks like. Keke =D




Aure said…
Hahahahahaha! kns~!! Din't knw u posted smth for me~ Thanks ya =p

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