Recently I got so fed up with my pc being super duper hyper damn slow. So I decided to get a new RAM since my old one is super super small. Sigh! Last time suku ma. Don't know anything about pc when I bought this one. So even had to bother my bro's friend's dad to help me check those specs and all. But now I smart liaw. Can even change own RAM. Muahahaha!!!!

So yesterday I went to find Kupoz. He helped me to get a RAM at a cheaper price. As said lah. Hehe =P~ Oh before I forget! THANKS KUPOZ~!
That's the cover. Soli lah. I actually already installed the RAM onto the motherboard and forgot to take pic. So I took my old one instead. Haha! old one was only 512mb lah. And the new one that I got is 2GB~!!!! Lalala~~~ Don't call me alang alang cos I'm tight on budget. A 2gb RAM already eats up RM115. Sob sob~ But ah! It's worth it!
And so, this morning once I woke up. Haven't breakfast even! I went to operate my dear cpu. Muahahaha!!!! I pandai punya. People say 'kiang du ho. mai keh kiang'. Hahaha!!!
Ini macam lor~ Sorry too dark. Can't get the right angle cos my window was direct at my cpu. Keke =P Call me a bad photographer but I still take. Buek~

Currently loving my new RAM speed. Current lah hor. I hope it's gonna be permanent. Keke =D And then hor! I found out another thing. My STUPID STUPID DVD-RW is spoilt!!!!!!! Meaning I have to get a new one. Haiz....Anyone kind enough to give me one as Raya present? Or or....Mooncake Fest present? Christmas isn't that far either. Hahaha!!!


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