Siaw Wui's birthday celebration

Last night a group of us went to celebrate Siaw Wui's birthday at Frienz N Family at Jalan Song. It's newly opened at the new shoplot. Just turn in before Pizza Hut and you'll see it on your right. Hehe =)Appointment time was set at 7pm. But I was abit late due to traffic jam. Haiz~
The interior. Very cooling and wide.
Not bad hor? But erm...later I'll tell you more...
Here comes the menu~ They serves mostly western food. Rice is only available during lunch. They do have red wines and cocktails.

The green shirt lady is the taukenio. We all made her kelam kabut. Hahaha!!!
Nah! Itu dia birthday girl. It's post birthday actually. Her actual date is on 11th Sept. Oh and she's the one in grey. Hahaha!
And that's Michelle helping the taukenio to write the order cos like I mentioned, she's blur. Hahaha!!!! So Michelle offered to write it for her.
Chai Sia the one in white came abit later than us. Cos she said 7th mile there also super jam. Haiz~ The one in dark grey is birthday girl's cousin, Ah Mei.
We waited SUPER LONG for our food. My goodness! All of us were starving like shit. Paling kesian is baby. The taukenio came several times to ask what's left. And baby's chicken chop was the last one to come.
Brandon had ice blended apple and baby had 100plus.
This is Caesar Salad ordered for everyone. Not bad not bad~ Sedap sedap~
Ah Mei had lamb chop with brown sauce. I think the brown sauce is mushroom sauce cos tasted kinda like it. Um...hers is better than mine.
I had lamb chop too. But in whisky cream sauce. NOT GOOD! And the lamb is like SUPER FAT!
Birthday girl had pork chop. It's quite small piece lor. It's very thin. Haha! A thin pig perhaps?
Brandon and baby both had the same thing which is chicken chop in brown sauce. Not that nice either.
Michelle had Joy something grilled fish. She said it's tasteless. Haha! Then she accidentally poured lots of salt onto her mashed potatoes. So she spread the potatoes on top of the fish to eat it with more taste. Hahaha!
This is Cabonara ordered for everyone also. This one also bot bad. I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED PASTA!!!!!!!!

Nevermind. I'm not going back anymore. It's quite pricey though. My lamb chop is RM12.90. Chicken chop is RM10.90. The rest is around there too. Drinks are all above RM2.50.

So the total splurge that night was RM117.20 for all of us. That price with that food? Nah!

Then after meal, we headed over Indulgence thought wana look for Wilfred cos he DONKEYLY told me that he had class til 9.30pm. But we got cheated. Boss said he today no class. So gg~

Leaving Indulgence, we wondered quite some time. Thinking of places to go. And we ended up at~~~~
Starbucks of Jalan Song~~~ My first time there!
We went upstairs to sit. Sui leh~
I love high ceilings~~~

Me and baby shared one hot Cappucino with Caramel. And this thing, made me cannot sleep last night =.=''''
The rest had ice blended choc and green tea. Chit chat til 11pm. Then head home~



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