5 long days


Due to baby's current working hour, we're not seeing each other during the weekdays. If we want to meet during weekdays, it's either I wait for 1 hour in town for him to off work OR go out at night. But it's no use.

We did in fact. We did try to meet up after work. But heck. I don't even know where to go for that one hour. Alone somemore gok. So I gave up on that. I'm just too tired to wait. And after that what? Meet at 6pm then go home at 7pm? What for. 1 hour only. Made me waited for 1 hour then see him for only 1 hour. I know I know. Everyone will say if I want to see him that bad, I have to sacrifice. But sigh....

And then the other option. Meet up at night. Ok so here goes. If he comes to my place, meaning fuel prob. His car is like drinking fuel ok. Already costed him so much. Won't want more. Then it's the tired prob. Who isn't tired after a long day right? So we both wana go home and rest early. And so didn't make it too.

What the hell am I bragging about??? It's effort effort effort! I KNOW!!! But we're so tired to even meet up. And everything got tired. Even Saturday night I'm tired. Now it's like I got used to not seeing him. It's as if it doesn't matter anymore you know. It sucks to feel that way. I'm not looking forward to any meet ups or activities. Not in for any. I'm bored ok. And I'm tired.

I don't want a break! I only want company. Damn!!! And yeah I've been acting weirdly lately towards him. It's not fair. And I don't know why. I just don't have that feeling when I see him. It becomes more of something else when we meet. Sigh...

I HATE THAT FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kelly said…
i understand ur feeling. sometimes when my bf find me then come in 1 hr like tht..and then say wan go home liao..so pek chek..why bother come rite. will make u think dun come la..i go out find fren more worth it. guys are like that. so sien. but hor if keep like this will ruin the relationship lor.. not healthy for the relationship...must always have time for one another..if not why call "pakto" !
ahlost said…
Hopes everything will be back to normal soon ;)

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