Streamyx Combo RULES!!!

I know many of us have heard of Streamyx Combo package or seen it on tv or wherever lah. But what actually is it? Did you guys bother to even find out? Or just everyday complain that Streamyx sucks? Haha! Well for me, I can say I never say that Streamyx sucks =) Proud leh~

So anyway, today I'm on half day leave to deal with lotsa stuff. One of it is to dig out info about this mysterious package. I heard there's unlimited phone calls too..oOooo.....

Here goes...

I went to the Telekom building at Batu Lintang with mum and bro just now. Enquire about the stuff at reception. But then the lady was too busy to entertain me due to some donkey people kept asking her questions. So another nice lady came to me. Then she explained to me.

They have 4packages for different speed. I'm not gonna bother you with too much details. The one I'm currently using or say paying every month is RM66. So the speed is 512kbps. I know you might say it's slow but it doesn't bother me at all =) I get good connection anyway. So for the 512kbps package, it's actually RM90 a month. RM90 consists of Streamyx and phone rental. And then here comes the good part. If you add RM10 to the package, you'll get UNLIMITED PHONE CALLS NATIONWIDE!!!!!!!! Not only that! You'll also receive a FREE CORDLESS PHONE and MODEM!!!! So let me show you some calculations in case you got lost in my words.

Before upgrading to Streamyx Combo:
Streamyx = RM66
Phone bills (average lah!) = RM28 (we don't normally use phone at home cos it's expensive to call and mum always scold me so now I online and vid call. Keke =P )
Overall every month we pay about RM94

After upgrading to Streamyx Combo:
EVERYTHING IS ONLY RM100!!!!!!!! No matter how many hours you use the internet or talk on the phone. IT'S ONLY RM100!!!!!!!

Worth it or not? I say it is! Hehe =D DO NOT COMMENT COS EVERYONE'S BUDGET IS DIFFERENT!!!

Time to show you my new cordless phone from Telekom. The modem is currently out of stock so have to wait til next week. Heee~

There's tons of these bags in a small room. Hehe =P
I don't know the brand I don't know the model. I ONLY KNOW I'M HAPPY!!!!
Got warranty but I have to read. Not even the manual guide. Haha! Blog first!!!
I know it looks normal but at last my house has a cordless phone~~~ Which I can talk when I'm cooking or watching tv or in my room or even in bathroom shitting!!! Haha!
Now tell me that you don't love Telekom? Hehe =D



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