Sunshine in my window~

Ok I was supposed to post this up yesterday but last night couldn't get a time off. Hehe =D So here I am~

Do you know how much a simple hi can mean to someone or anyone? Sometimes all you need to do is send a simple sms or send via msn or facebook or anywhere you can think of lah. Just say 'Hello' or 'Hi' or 'Hey there' or anything nice. You can actually cheer people up!

That's the thought that I had yesterday morning. And so I did. I sent a sms to certain people. Let's see my list shall we?

My sms goes: Good morning sunshine! Have a great day!

To whom you ask? Let's just see what replies I got =) The arrangement starts from the fastest sms reply I got.

Kelly: Dy shine. But i still feel so tired sick. At lao lee want go office now..haih.....i forgot to wear my vest. Cham. (actually I sent a quite different msg to her cos she was sick the previous day. So instead of good morning sunshine I asked, sun shining yet? Haha!)

Jimmy: Yo. Angel.

Nian Han: Haha...since when i become your sunshine?

Siong: Wah so early ar. Haha. Gudmornin moonlite :d

Chee: Haha, so chun i today bo sim ur msg comforts me. Thanks =) have a great day to u oso hehe. Ing this sat bday le hehe

Ing: Haha morning! I'm now having final exam =) each day one paper till next tues... Hehe later 12pm got test lo... How r u le? Hehe

Henry: Lol..morning to u eng ah?hehe..

Melvin: Haha morning sunset! Have a nice day!

Sam: Morning!u

Viki: Morning. Going back to sleep zzz sleepy

Sze Min: Mornin mornin..have a nice day^^

Tommy: Hi morning, how r u lately? I'm at jakarta ^^

Sharon: Eh sorry just reload my phone.yesterday can't reply. Haha. Have a great day. =)

Done. Some of them didn't reply though. But it doesn't matter. At least I greeted them. Sometimes it's all about how much you wanted to get connected with your friends. How long have you not text every single person in your phonelist? When was the last time you said 'Hi' to somebody you've talk to long long time ago?

make us
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i hope MY
make u



aureoreo said…
My phone got barred that time T.T so din't reply u~ And i tot u kie siao liao! suddenly sms me! xD hahahahahaha!
aNgeL-cuPid said…
ish ish ish!!! ppl ho sim sms u. mai du suak lor~ blek~~~

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