Sigh....why oh why must we humans have toothache???

Story aku...

A month ago, Mr Tooth acted up on me. When I eat things Mr Tooth screams for HELP! And then there was this morning when I was brushing me teeth, something fell off. Something small and hard. I don't know what is it cos it's gone. So I didn't bother punz.

And then after that when I ate my breakfast, something not right I rasa. So I went to the mirror to see. UH OH!!! BIG time!!! Mr Tooth already berlubang. So the 'thing' that fell off earlier on was actually chipped off from Mr Tooth.

And I thought, well, it's still weekday and I don't have time to go dental. So I waited til this Saturday. Had an early appointment with bf to go dental together cos his Mr Tooth is also acting up on him. BUT HOR!!! This famous dental that mum intro me was seriously damn famous lor. When we reached there, there was like more than 10 humans in there. NO!!!! Miss Nurse told us that we might have to wait for hours. Mana I want kan. So we left. Sigh. And bf went to work and I had to pick bro up. So our appointment cancelled.

And then only til the very next Saturday after that baru we went to dental again. This time we chose a different one. At town area. And I thought this dental is good lor. So yea. We both patched our tooth. Mine RM40 and his RM80. Cos he had spoilt teeth.

That is just the beginning. And then as you know la. These few days been raining and thunder and all that. My Mr Tooth pun lightning me and thunder my gums. 2 days ago Mr Tooth shouted for help again. Haiz...

When I eat I pain. Even when I do nothing pun pain. So I beh tahan. Just now after work I went back to the same dental and complaint. Not exactly complaint la. But ada masalah from there bah. Then he said my tooth too tall worh. Apa ni? So he had to flatten bit and drill and drill and drill. Sakit tau???

Damn when he use the metal to knock knock and ask if it's painful, Mr Tooth acted up on me AGAIN. It's not painful bo. How leh? I think Mr Tooth recognized the dentist. Haha! But when he drill, darn! Si beh tia ok!!!

After about 10 minutes it's done. RM5 for that. Now my Mr Tooth better shaped but hor, it's still painful til now. Haiz...Apa macam you say???

Quoted by Kelly anak Kong : As human you are tall, now even your teeth also TOO TALL!

You see kek si or not?


ahlost said…
Hahahaha.. the last picha so cute !!

Are you feeling better now?
aureoreo said…
Hahahaha!!!! Kelly anak Kong! XD Pep, if i were u, i also will gek sei... Not by the tooth, but by that anak Kong! XD get well soon ar!

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