Ahhh~ I'm feeling so happy today. Heee~

Baby came here since I don't know what time and went back just awhile ago. Aww....really miss him so much. Nowadays that we're both working at different place at different hour, it's kinda hard for us to meet. When got home, it's like super hyper exhausted dy. So we only get to meet like twice a week which is Sat and Sun. Sad huh~

But anyway, we're doing fine =) Last time whenever someone ask me "Hows things" or "Hows you and bf" or "Hows everything", I will either complain or say it's the same. But not now. I found myself happily saying "Things are getting pretty good with us". A good sign isn't it? Haha! I guess sometimes you might need to put some time apart for two person, and then you'll know that you'll appreciate more of the other =)

Hmm...Last night I watched 17 Again. Know that movie by Zac Efron? Hehe =D Nice kan? It teaches us alot eh. About our decisions and life. Life suck for everyone but at certain point, everything happens for a reason. And I'm pretty sure that there's a rainbow at every turning =)

And just now I watched Brides War. Again it speaks of friendship. I remember Kelly once said "We two must not get married at the same day else I can't attend yours and you can't attend mine". Hahaha! Preparation? Hahahaha!!! But we agreed on one thing which is to get married at the same year. Kekeke =DD And sama sama ada baby kot? Hahaha! Dreamz~

Recently I've been in some dilemma about my studies and work and my future life. Somehow I stressed myself til I got sorta hormonal imbalance. Oops! But I'm back to normal now. Cos I'd talked to friends. And I know what I'm up to. But something somehow hit me. Someone asked "What do you wanna do if say you don't wana get into this accounting field". And I went speechless. What do I wana do? Haha! I don't even know! But ah! Now that I'd decided to get into accounting field, I'm going to continue doing it and get something from it. Heee~

Hmm...I realized I had so much to talk and I can continue forever. It's been such long time since I blogged about my feelings =) And I miss that. I miss talking endlessly to this 'person' who only listens and never brags. My blog! Haha!

* Dear Diary, today I am very happy because I have a wonderful boyfriend who understands me and supports me in everything that I do *


ahlost said…
Wootz.. very sweet entry wor :)

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