Bodycon dress

Roof roof rooooooooooofffff~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shopping for new year clothes yet? Hahaha!!!! Lai I show show and shout shout and show show ok? See my title dy know larh~ But I still wan show =D

No no!!!! I haven't buy. But I can always Google =DD

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the drama Gossip Girl. Duh~~~

Mana satu you paling suka? Hehe =D Me love love love love LOVE SERENA!!!! And absolutely loving the way she dress. Ooooooooo~~~~~~~ Since I watched this drama, my fashion sense totally, and I mean it, TOTALLY changed!!!!!!
I love the way she dress from top to toe. Urgh! Damn I just wish I have her butt!!!
And yesh~! I'm loving all her dresses~~~~ So! I have decided. I am going to get myself a bodycon dress this new year. BUT!

Let's look at pichas first~
Not this color please! But this style can~
Purple good good!!!!
Multi-colored? Can also kan? Hehe =D
Or the ori black and white? Like ivory and ebony~~~


Fine. Stop. Someone please tell me where to find my size??? PLEASE! I've been digging every website that I know but all they have is up to UK10 only. Sobs~~~ Why am I born with big size??? Sigh!!!!!

But no matter how. I am going to dig more. Else I keep fit to fit in those dress =DD Can kan? Hahaha!!! Please stop me from buying too many clothes~~~


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