Busy busy morning =D

Aloha~! Today is 2nd day of holiday =D Haha! Macamlah you all don't know =P~ So what did I do? Busy busy lor~ Think I'll post in diary-like style. Easier to read hor. Hehe =DD

7.15am : Mom woke me up =.=''' SO EARLY!!!!! Ok I was supposed to go for blood test and she thought that I'm driving down so she woke me up super early but then baby is coming to pick me marh. So I doze back to sleep.

7.45am : Alarm rang! Super lazynye~ Cos last night stayed up chatting and on restaurant city til 12am. Oops! Hehe =D Too addictive!!!

Got up. Shower and get dressed. Cannot eat. Wuu wuu wuu~~~ My tummy was grok grok'ing dy and baby wasn't here yet. Aihh....so I fill myself with plain water alone. Sobs~ Blood test so 'xin ku' ui~~~

8.30am : *Honk honk!!!*

Weeeeeee~~~~~~~ Then I don't know what time we reach Gribbles Pathology. Located at Jalan Keretapi. Just right after Shell station. Didn't bring my dear camera so didn't take any pic. Sienz~

My first time doing blood test. Hehe =D Adalah sikit scared when the doctor wana poke in the needle. But when the blood is flowing into the tube, looks fun. Haha! Wtf right? Keke =D They took 4 tubes of my blood! *FAINT!* Luckily I didn't faint cos I cannot stand being hungry. Blood pressure quite low so I'll faint easily. Hehe =P~

Baby paid RM30 extra for me to get more test. For breast cancer, ovari cancer and lung cancer. Satu sepuluh ringgit =.=''' But ok lah. Overall it's considered cheap~ Cos of some reason which I can't mention =P~ Else Ah Lung Ge kill me later.

9.30am : So after blood test.......SURE EAT LAH!!!!! I was SUPER DUPER HYPER hungry dy arh! Went to Bormill kopitiam for breakfast.

10.15am : Then after breakfast, headed to Batu Lintang to see the famous skin specialist Dr Chen. My lips been cracking since I-dont-know-how-long. I tried so many types of lip balm. Still no cure. Sienness~ So after mum's multiple nags. She gave me RM50 last night and forced me go see doc. Haha! And guess what I got?

Ini biji med. Know how big is it? Only the size of a 20cent coin. And do you know how much this thing plus consultation costed? RM50!!!!!!!!!!! Si beh kui ui!!!!!!! But now my lips better dy lah. Bopien du si ane. Expensive also worth it if my lips can be cured forever~!

11am : Left Dr Chen and headed over to find Siaw Wui. Hehe =D Mau beli barang dengan dia bah. Don't want tell you where I went. Blek~~~

Bought this Thalgo Tonic Lotion. It's a toner for dry or sensitive skin. I've been wanting to buy one but the price is killing me til now that I throw my whole week salary on it. Haha!
But this brand is good. Me love love this brand!!! Makes my skin smoother~ Weee~ Haha! Total splurge? RM155!!!!!! Haiz....

11.15am : Went over to FTMS at Brighton Square. Wanted to ask for refund for my library deposits. Mana tau nowadays need so many procedure. Want us to fill form and write letter gok. WTF??? So mafan for what? It's only RM100 lah hor!!! Took form and left. Stupid stupid stupid!!!

11.30am : Went workshop to take my car. Car sent for checkups and service~ Again it killed me by burning a hole in my pocket. RM65 for the change of black oil. Aih~~

Then drove my car to mom and came home with baby. Huu huu huu~~~ Tired si!


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